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 Love2Fly (Iberia Airlines)

It’s absolutely impossible to not come across ibérico ham – especially Serrano ham – when travelling in Spain. From garden-variety bars and cafés in any and every town to the most exquisite fine-dining restaurants,.

Spain’s quintessential art form flamenco is a highly seductive, captivating dance and music. The soulful expressions of the dancers, the swish of ruffled skirts hiked knee high to emphasize intricate steps, plus the sensual yet ramrod-straight dominance of male partners entices wannabes from around the world to learn the dance in the country where it originated.


A surprising — and cautionary — tale of a 68-year-old woman who fell in love with a man she met online. Six years later, she was devastated and inconsolable when their relationship imploded one Christmas Eve.


It’s common for expatriates with a cause to befriend fellow countrymen in their adopted land. For some, daily living without the awareness of their birth country around them can grate on the mind. Perhaps that pathos led Pablo Picasso to support fellow Spaniard Eugenio Arias when they met.

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Personal Essay — I was at Newark Airport waiting for my cross-country flight to San Francisco when a young man nearby stretched and swayed his willowy body, arms raised hallelujah-style. A tattoo began at his wrist, encircled his forearm and disappeared into an Army-fatigue jacket scrunched at his elbow.

Providence Journal  

Personal Essay  — Now recently retired, I’m reflective and forgiving of my father. I feel deep compassion for his life ravaged by alcohol. Today, I recognize his absence had empowered me to lead a fulfilled life, one I love, minus his harmful, hands-on presence. And it’s a life he made possible.

When the Atlantic crashes against the Cliffs of Moher with such force it mimics a thunder clap and, slightly inland, a cow moos in the pitch-black night, both sounds complement the rural landscape of Doolin. But it’s the feisty, toe-tapping tunes drifting from the doorways and up the narrow chimneys of four pubs that set this musical village apart.

FWT Magazine 

At its inception centuries ago, ginja was used for digestive purposes. Eventually the sweet liqueur made its way to wealthy clients, then into fado establishments. Today the drink enjoys record popularity and is sold everywhere.


Add “location” to the well-known “lights, camera, action” adage and the focus for the travel industry becomes film tourism. Many destinations know the allure this growing niche has for movie-lovers to walk in the footsteps of a favorite star or to stand in a location where world-class Hollywood and international filmmakers created a scene.

By the 1930s, Manhattan’s congested West Side had far too many accidents caused by freight trains sharing the street with street traffic. That problem was solved when the 22-block “High Line” train tracks were built 30 feet above ground.

Luxe Beat Magazine

What to buy and where to buy it in a destination is helped along when locals make the suggestions. Tourist favorite, Cesky Krumlov, in southern Czech Republic has some shopping finds if you know where to look.

Transform a former Madrid palace into a hotel that’s a design showstopper. Add a concept that pampers the individual guest. Make it cozy, yet chic, and it’s a hit from day one.


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Today’s film tourism industry had its forefront in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic. Places that were once highlighted in paper maps and guidebooks are now part of social media with a free app for Apple and Android smart phones and tablets.

Hands down, the Hank Williams Museum is a hoot for his die-hard fans or for the casual visitor. Considering his career lasted only five years and he died at 29 in 1952, his spirit resonates in this funky and entertaining place with dusty-rose-colored walls and 35 tall display cabinets.

Hop-on, hop-off or tour the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® in three days. Guides are at the distilleries. Learn how bourbon is produced. Sip samples. Stop in towns along the way.

Travel World News

Some cities just can’t catch a break as a must-see destination. They also carry a heavy past needing a proud update. That was Montgomery’s dilemma despite Rosa Parks, a local black woman, refusing to move to the back of a city bus. That 1955 event ignited the Civil Rights Movement nationwide.

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Paradors are the state-run hotels that can be found throughout Spain; to visit Spain and overlook a stay at a parador is to miss out on a major portion of the country’s lore and historical heritage.

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